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Acrylic Fiber Packing Treated With Graphite

Acrylic Fiber Packing Treated With GraphiteArcylic Fiber Packing Treated With Graphite

Braided from continuous Acrylic blended fiber, this packing is impregnated with our proprietary high temperature lubricant, and pre and post lubricated with high purity graphite flake. Our unique lubrication process insures a dense but flexible general service packing, which can be used in most steam, water, salt water, oil, and mild acid or alkali applications. Equivalent to Garlock Pack Master 2, Garlock 8913, Crane 1340 and Sepco ML-402.

It has comparatively better mechanical strength & chemical resistance as against natural & vegetable fibers. It is a general purpose packing and an economical choice for fluid handling equipment. It is not meant to be used in food & pharmaceutical industry.

Universal packing for pumps and valves, and handle water, air, steam, mild acids and alkalis, all kinds of organic solvents and Chemicals. Especially suitable for the condition of high-temperature,high-pressure, medium speed.

Prime Features:
Especially for the condition of high-temperature, high pressure, medium speed.
The graphite increases the service temperature and the density of the packing

Arcylic Fiber Packing Treated with Graphite Technical Data
Pressure 15MPa
Rotary Pump 25bar
Reciprocating Pump 100bar
Valve 150bar
Temperature 350℃
PH Range 1~13
Linear speed 15m/s
Density 1.3g/cm3
Section Size 3*3mm–100*100mm
Package 5kgs or 10kgs per reel in a box/or as the requirement of the client