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Acrylic Fiber Packing

Arcylic Fiber PackingArcylic Fiber Packing
The Acrylic Fiber Packing With Fluoropolymer Dispersion is interlocked braided from Acrylic fiber which is impregnated with a custom made Fluoropolymer dispersion & further lubricated with break-in lubricant that facilitates low friction and make the packing dense, resilient and flexible. It has comparatively better mechanical strength & chemical resistance as against natural & vegetable fiber. It is a general purpose packing and an economical choice for fluid handling equipment.
Extremely suitable for pumps & Knife Gate valves involving salt solutions, mild abrasives, brine solution, mild acids & alkali, foodstuffs and Water Handling Equipments.

Arcylic Fiber Packing with Rubber Core
High elastic red silicone rubber core can absorb vibration, to control leakage, suitable for worn-out pumps.

Excellent multi-service for a wide variety of uses throughout a plant. Used in pumps and valves, and can handle most chemicals except strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidizer.Especially for the condition of middle temp. high-pressure,high-speed,and where contamination is not permitted.

Arcylic Fiber Packing Technical Data
Pressure 10MPa
Rotary Pump 20bar
Reciprocating Pump 20bar
Valve 80bar
Temperature 260℃
PH Range 1~13
Linear speed 20m/s
Density 1.3g/cm3
Section Size 3*3mm–100*100mm
Package 5kgs or 10kgs per reel in a box/or as the requirement of the client