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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic fiber paper uses ceramic fiber spraying cotton and is made through washing and adding bonding agent under vacuum condition. They have high intensity, good flexility and strong scissoring performance and the ideal material for producing high temperature washer, airproofing, heat insulation and insulation.

index_ic01 Temperature level is 1050-1260℃.
index_ic01 Low coefficient of heat-conduction ratio
index_ic01 Low thermal capacity
index_ic01 Thermal shock resistance
index_ic01 High quality of flexility and tear resistance.
index_ic01 Not include asbestos & erosion resistance.
index_ic01 High quality of insulation and sound insulation.
index_ic01 Easiness of mechanical processing.
index_ic01 Tough texture and high quality of compression resistance.

Application of Ceramic Fiber Paper
index_ic01 Insulation seal and safety materials for industrial need.
index_ic01 Insulation and heat insulation materials for electrica thermal equipments.
index_ic01 Insulation and heat insulation for equipments and electro thermal components.
index_ic01 Heat insulation materials for automobile.

DATA SHEET OF Data Sheet of Ceramic Fiber Board
Categorised temperature℃ 1260
Density of volume(kg/m3) 170±15
Content of organic matter 6-8
Coefficient that 200℃ 0.075-0.085
heat conduct under 400℃ 0.115-0.121
average temperature 600℃ 0.165-0.175
Main chemical AL2O3 47-49
compositions (%) AL2O3+SI2O3 98-99
Standard specification of the prcducts

The special specification can be made to order according to user’s enquiry