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Why companies buy gaskets and seals from us?

Gasket Manufacturer & Material Supplier

We are an international manufacturer of gaskets and seals, supplying into many industries and countries all over the world. We have a wide experience of working with many different companies, and of making gaskets and seals for a wide variety of conditions and environments.

Specialist: We have expert knowledge of gaskets and seals.
Technology: We use the latest gasket materials and manufacturing technology.
Design: We offer part-prototyping and samples.
Quality: We hold ISO quality certification (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001).
Accountability: We offer full gasket and material traceability.
Strong Customer Relationships: We have a reputation for strong customer relationships.
International Strengths
Order Quantities: No minimum order quantities.
Availability: We stock 1200 different grades of material.
Flexibility: All parts are made to order. We can react to changes in demand.
Lead Times: Competitive lead times on international orders.
Shipping: International shipping by air or sea.
We work with our customers to make sure that they design and receive the most economical part, which meets their requirements and specifications.
We can manufacture from sample, technical drawing, or straight from electronic drawing file (such as a CAD and DXF files).
We also provide our customers with on-going technical advice and support.