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Cork Rubber Gasket

cork rubber gasket

Cork Rubber Gasket & Sheet
An excellent gasket material, cork rubber can be supplied as a blend of Cork and Neoprene, Cork and Buna-N, Cork and Hypalon, and Cork and Silicone. The selection of the best blend of cork and rubber and the correct density will ensure that the finished gasket or part will last for years in your application.

Cork Rubber is a product with unique characteristics and applications in a wide range of industries, notably automotive, electrical equipment, gas, construction, surfacing, industrial equipment, transport and railway industries.

Cork Rubber combines the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork with the flexibility and shelf life of rubber, making it an excellent product for sealing applications. The materials are manufactured with various binders in a banbury process. Nitrile and neoprene are common binders used, but special synthetic rubbers like, Silicone can further enhance material performance.

Cork Rubber Advantages:
index_ic01 Wide range of fluid compatibility (high chemical resistance over long periods)
index_ic01 Compressible with negligible lateral flow (low Poisson's ratio by comparison to solid elastomers)
index_ic01 Reduces levels of transmitted vibration (acoustic insulation)
index_ic01 Excellent conformity with surfaces to be sealed
index_ic01 High resistance to compressive loads over long periods
index_ic01 Anti-slip and impact-resistant (shock absorber)

DATA SHEET OF Cork Rubber Gasket & Sheet
Binder Synthetic Rubber
Cork Granule Size 10-30 MESH
Hardness 50 to 70 Duro Shore A
Tensile 200% Minimum
Compressibility @ 400 PSI 35% to 45%
Recovery (Minimum) 75%
Compression Set With ASTM
Method A For 22 Hours @ 158°F 40% Maximum
ASTM Method F104
Volume Change After Immersion In:
ASTM #1 Oil For 70 Hours @ 212°F -5% to +5%
ASTM #3 Oil For 70 Hours @ 212°F +5% to +20%
ASTM Fuel A For 22 Hours @ RT 0 to +10%
ASTM Fuel B For 22 Hours @ RT +5% to +10%
Original F=5
Oven Aged For 70 Hours @ 212°F F=8
Oven Aged In #1 Oil For 70 Hours @ 212°F F=8