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Crystalline flake graphite

The mine and processing facility produce high carbon natural flake graphite with a purity level ranging from 93%-99%. Flake size ranges from 75 to 400 microns with naturally low sulfur, iron and copper content.

WEALSON Graphite is available in standard (1.4% volatile matter, 0.5%moisture) and extra dry (0.4% volatile matter, 0.1% moisture) making it the material of choice for manufacturers who demand the highest quality for their processing needs.
Graphite is a material that has both metallic and non-metallic properties. It is an excellent conductor of both electricity and heat with a temperature resistance above 3500 degrees Celsius – the minimum temperature of the sun’s photosphere. Unlike metal, when heated it does not expand.

Graphite, like diamond, a near relative, is the strongest and stiffest material in the universe and is used in an ever-expanding range of products.

It is a critical component in many leading edge alternative energy solutions, including batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as being used in the production of electrodes and brushes on electric motors.

Graphite is a key component in metallurgy and refractories, and used as a release agent in mold, die and form linings when making metal parts and castings. It is employed as an additive in a multitude of polymer compounds. Other uses include catalysts, synthetic diamonds, ceramics, pencils, and as a dry lubricant.