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Dust Free Asbestos Square Rope

Dust Free Asbestos Square Rope

Asbestos Rope packing enables various packing derivatives to suit different service temperature ranges. It is a popular sealing element in manufacturing equipment-handling heat such as furnaces, boilers, high temperature instruments.

In power plans, Asbestos rope is a basic maintenance item used for general boiler service such as caulking, filling, expansion joints, between boiler walls, and brick work, and on steam and exhaust lines.

Asbestos rope packing is an excellent emergency substitute for packing, gaskets and groove packing where other materials are not available or where less pliable, less adaptable materials cannot be used. Its piling develops cautioning effect. The dense packing does not allow temperature and fluid like steam to escape.

Dusted Asbestos Square rope

This asbestos rope is still made of long asbestos fiber yarn and woven into square form with the side of length from 3.0 mm to 50.0mm. Due to good prosperities of heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, it is often used as heat insulation and sealing materials.


Product specification:
Working Temp: 250 – 550℃
Side length: 3.0 ~ 50.0mm
Packing: 10kg/roll
Applications: Heat insulation of pipes and boiler sealings, hot gas ovens autoclave doors, furnace joints, hot blast valves, blue cap doors etc. Also as steam packing for engines.