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Expanded PTFE Round Cord

Expanded PTFE Round CordExpanded PTFE Round Cord
Valve-spindle cord made of pure expanded PTFE, used as valve-spindle and flange seals in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Flanges are sealed quickly and securely by simple insertion of a ring of PTFE round cord (ends twisted).


PTFE packing cord is intended for use as chemical-resistant self-lubricating packing and gasket material in the nodes of valves, pumps and seals of various chemical equipment, pipelines and equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Expanded PTFE Round Cord is cut in a suitable length for the flange or packing where it is to be placed.
It is essential that the dimension and length is right (especially when packing boxes).
At some packing boxes the cord shall be cut with an angle to ensure that the ends create a tight seal when the box is assembled.
Packing flanges the Unicord must go all the way round, and have the ends crossed, to ensure a tight seal when assembling.

Expanded PTFE Round Cord Technical Data
Media Acids/alkalis/solvents/gases andetc.
Temperature -240 up to 260°C
Pressure 100 bar
PH-Value 0 – 14
Density Grade A/B: 0.70/0.80g/cm3 1.0~1.5 g/cm3 on request
DIMENSION Dia.2~10mm
or 5 kgs/roll
Other package on request