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Flexible Graphite Sheet

Graphite Sheet

Flexible Graphite Sheet /Foil/Roll is an excellent sealing material for high temperature, high-pressure transfer of liquids, gases, steam, chemicals and corrosives. It is manufactured from high purity, high crystalline natural graphite flakes, which are processed into continuous foil by a special acid and thermal treatment to produce expanded graphite crystals. The expanded graphite crystals are then formed into foil through an extensive calendaring process without any resins and binders.

Advantages of Flexible Graphite Sheet /Roll /Foil
index_ic01 Excellent thermal stability and reflectivity.
index_ic01  Resistant to low temperature of -200 °C.
index_ic01  Resistant to high temperature of 450 °C in air|700 °C in steam and 3000 °C in inert or  reducing environment.
index_ic01  Chemically inert: Resistant to fluids with pH range of 0-14 (except strong oxidizers such as nitric or sulphuric acid).
index_ic01 High purity: eliminates potential fluid contamination. Ideal material for nuclear applications
index_ic01  Low coefficient of friction: It is self-lubricating.
index_ic01  Asbestos free: no associated health hazards.
index_ic01 Low electrical resistivity.
index_ic01  High thermal conductivity.
index_ic01  Highly anisotropic:  the electrical and thermal conductivity characteristics are very different in the direction parallel to and perpendicular to flakes.
index_ic01 Excellent in-process longevity: save replacement and down time costs.

index_ic01 Gaskets material in automotive|petroleum and chemical|paper| and nuclear industries.
index_ic01 Thermal barrier at high temperature to provide outstanding reflectivity.
index_ic01 Fuel cell industry for bipolar plates.
index_ic01 Excellent for sealing high temperature valves |shafts and flanges.
index_ic01 Excellent linings and protective layer for vessels containing hot or corrosive fluids.

PROPERTY UNIT Grade AA Grade A Grade B Grade C
Carbon(minimum) % 99.5 99 99 98
Ash(maximum) % 0.5 1.0 1.0 2.0
Density g/cc 0.7 – 1.2 0.7 – 1.2 0.7 – 1.2 0.7 – 1.2
Tensile Strength MPa 5.2 4.5 4.5 4.0
Chloride ppm ≤35 ≤40 ≤45 ≤50
Sulphur ppm ≤500 ≤1000 ≤1200 ≤1500
Compressibility % >40 >40 >40 >40
Recovery % >15 >15 >15 >15
Compatible pH Range pH 0 – 14 0 – 14 0 – 14 0 – 14
Application Temperature(Minimum) Deg. C/(Deg.F) -200/(-328) -200/(-328) -200/(-328) -200 /(-328)
Application Temperature (Maximum)
In Air Deg. C/(Deg.F) 450/(842) 450/(842) 450/(842) 450 /( 842 )
In Steam Deg. C/(Deg.F) 700/(1292) 700/(1292) 700/(1292) 700/(1292)
In reducing environment Deg.C/(Deg.F) 3000/(5432) 3000/(5432) 3000/(5432) 3000/(5432)
Width mm 3~1500 3~1500 3~1500 3~1500
Thickness mm 0.15~5.0 0.15~5.0 0.15~5.0 0.15~5.0
Length m 0~300(Rolls); 0~2(sheets) 0~300(Rolls); 0~2(sheets) 0~300(Rolls); 0~2(sheets) 0~300(Rolls); 0~2(sheets)

• Temperature/pressure rate in this website is based on our data/achievement.
It is not on assumption of each condition. Therefore, please be advised each adaptability from us.
• Products’ data and information in this website is as of July, 2002.
It will be changed without notice due to improvement of product, or revision of standard.

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