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Glass Fibre Lagging Rope

Glassfiber Lagging Rope

Wealson provide an extensive range of Glass Fiber Product, which includes glass fiber tape, rope, and cloth. These are used as heat insulating material and are an excellent substitute for asbestos cloth. Owing to the higher strength and insulation properties, our range is in high demands and finds application in various industries. Glass fiber products are high in terms of quality and are available at market leading prices.

Glass Fibre Lagging Rope
Same with Ceramic fiber lagging rope, Outside over braided with fiberglass yarns, inside filled with cut strip of ceramic fiber blanket. Over braided mesh can be both open mesh and close mesh, with low density. It is an excellent substitute for asbestos rope Thermal insulation and sealing for stove, burner, chimney door sealing, Seal for heat exchanger, kiln car. Rope lagging is particularly suitable for forming into insulation rings and seals on industrial and domestic heating appliances. Wealson Glass Fibre Lagging Rope provides an efficient method for insulating pipework and is also suitable for a variety of high temperature sealing and caulking applications.

Glass Rope lagging is available in a wide range of diameters from 8mm – 60mm.

We assure our clients that our fibre glass ropes are accurately engineered using cutting edge technology from the finest quality raw materials. Lagging ropes are customized in accordance with the exact specifications of clients. Fiberglass braided lagging ropes are in compliance with the defined quality standards.

Glass fiber lagging ropes are high performance rope available in low and high density. Lagging ropes have high tensile strength and resistant to many acids and alkalies. Fiberglass braided lagging ropes are unaffected by solvents in industrial applications. Our collection of glass fiber lagging ropes do not causes any health hazard unlike asbestos.


In plastic woven bag of 20kg net each;
In carton of 20kgs net each.