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Glass Fibre Sleeving

Glassfibe Sleeving

Wealson provide an extensive range of Glass Fiber Product, which includes glass fiber tape, rope, and cloth. These are used as heat insulating material and are an excellent substitute for asbestos cloth. Owing to the higher strength and insulation properties, our range is in high demands and finds application in various industries. Glass fiber products are high in terms of quality and are available at market leading prices.

Glass Fibre Sleeving
Constructed from a high bulk heat resistant fiberglass sleeve, heavily coated with iron oxide red silicone rubber, the coated sleeves shed molten metal splash and withstand intense heat and flame, making them ideal solution for heat protection for hoses, cable and tubing in a variety of hostile environments. Withstands continuous exposure to 260℃.Velcro can be sewn in order to make the wrapping easy.
Glass fiber Sleeving with silicone
Glass fibre sleeving coated with shiny red silicone outside tickness 1 mm. It guarantees an excellent heat insolution and protection from external agents thanks to the fire proof silicone coating. Protection from flame and molten metal sprinklings, chemical agents. Employed as protection for personnel against industrial injuries, for stiff or flexible metal pipes, for rubber hoses, for electric cables in the following field: aeronautical, naval, automotive, industrial vehicles, house appliance industries. 30 meter coils. Colour red. With internal sleeving in fibreglass 550°C: max working temperature 260°C. With internal sleeving in fibreglass 750°C: max working temperature 350°C.
Ø from 12 to 65 mm.

Temp.: 260℃
Wall thickness: 1.0mm~3.0mm
Inner Diameter: 10mm~100mm
25m or 30m/roll
In CTN or plastic woven bag of 20kg net each