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GRAFILIT Flexible Graphite Sealing Materials

Flexible graphite based gasket has some superior properties to anorganic fibers based sealing material. There is no health hazard, material is produced without any binder, fibers or fillers. Therefore it has found also many applications in foodstuff and potable water gasketing.

Flexible graphite is incombustible. It retains surface pressure even in case of ignition of media which it seals. Flexible graphite gaskets can be used from low temperature (-200°C) to elevated temperature of 2500°C. The most important processes for chemical destruction of flexible graphite are oxidizing reactions. It comes to mass losses what leads to untightness. At room temperature is this process practically undetectable.

There is no ageing because of absence of binder.Material has practically unlimited storage life. It has very low creep under temperature or pressure.

Flexible graphite is resistant to almost all media. It is suitable to confine steam as well as inorganic and organic bases, solvents, oils and fuels. Exceptions are strong oxidizing media such as highly concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid or molten salts.

Because of its high compressibility, the conformity to flange surface is superior, what leads to good sealing properties at low bolt loading, even when flanges are damaged, distorted or corroded.


GRAFILIT SF is a gasket material with very low creep relaxation and high tightness at low bolt loading. It is suitable for almost all chemicals, in food industry and in contact with drinking water. Because of its high compressibility it is suitable for glass or enamel flanges.


GRAFILIT SL is a gasket material with excellent strength and creep resistance, chemical stability and a high tightness rate. Because of a stainless-steel insertion it is easier for handling and installation compared to the non-reinforced. GRAFILIT SL is suitable for wide range of applications especially for higher operating pressures like in gas supply.

GRAFILIT SP is a gasket material which combines excellent properties of expanded graphite and the strength of stainless steel. This type of material features has very good strength and creep resistance, chemical stability and high tightness. Grafilit SP is used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, at high surface loads or high operating pressures.