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GRAPH-LOCK® Flexible Graphite Gasketing

GRAPH-LOCK® Gasketing is a distinctive flat gasketing material composed of pure, exfoliated flake material. GRAPH-LOCK® excels in extreme conditions, withstands high temperatures, high pressures, and aggressive chemicals. Garlock® GRAPH-LOCK® Gasketing provides excellent resistance and is proven fire-safe. GRAPH-LOCK® Gasketing provides a reliable seal as it seals easily under moderate bolt load, offers superior torque retention, retains dimensional stability in high temperatures and seals tightly even during pressure fluctuations. Flexible graphite is manufactured in such a manner that no organic or inorganic binders and fillers are introduced—the end product is essentially graphite with outstanding physical properties. The insertion of wire mesh, stainless steel foil, and tanged metal inserts increase strength and ease of handling. GRAPH-LOCK® Gasketing is available in two grades: industrial grade is 98% pure and nuclear grade is 99.5% pure. It is available as standard homogeneous sheet or metal- inserted sheet for applications requiring extra strength.
GRAPH-LOCK® 3123/3125
A pure graphite sheet. Thicknesses
GRAPH-LOCK® 3124/3126
A laminated graphite sheet with a 316SS wire mesh insert.
Laminated graphite sheet with a 0.002” thick 316 stainless steel foil insert.
Laminated graphite sheet with a 0.004” thick stainless steel tanged insert.
High-Performance Reinforced graphite gasket material with improved sealability characteristics. Laminated graphite sheet with multiple 316 stainless steel foil inserts.