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Graphite Crinkle Ribbon

Graphite Crinkle RibbonGraphite Crinkle Ribbon
The graphite ribbon is slit and corrugated (crinkled) from industrial grade graphite material. Most flexible graphite in the market has a carbon content ranging from 95% -99%. The flexible graphite foil we use has a high purity content of 99% carbon. A higher carbon content gives the flexible graphite better chemical resistance, better thermal conductivity, and better sealability.

Widely used in pumps, valves, mixers, agitators for sealing purposes. It can also be used to encapsulate & enhance the sealing efficiency of other gaskets types such as PTFE, Asbestos, Spiral Wound, Metallic & other gasketing materials.

Cross Reference
Minseal GraphTech(UCAR) SGLPolycarbon Garlock Klinger
2010-B Homogeneous Roll GTB B 3123 HL

Working Temperature Range
no Condition Temperature Range
1 Oxidizing Atmosphere(such as air) 240°C/-400°F to 510°C/950°F
2 Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere of most gasket applications -240°C/-400°F to 850°C/1500°F
3 Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere -240°C/-400°F to 3000°C/5400°F

Technical Data
no Item Value
1 Bulk Density 70 lb/cu.ft. (1.1 g/cc)
2 Tensile Strength 650 psi (4.4 Mpa)
3 Carbon Content 99% Min.
4 Ash Content 1% Max.
5 Sulfur Content 900 ppm Max.
6 Leachable Chloride Content 50 ppm Max
7 Thermal Conductivity
Parallel to Sheet Surface 960 BTU-in/ft
Through Thickness 36 ft
8 Coefficient of Friction (Against Steel) 0.018 @ 4 psi (0.03Mpa)
0.157 @ 12 psi (0.08 Mpa)
9 Compressibility (ASTM F-36) 44%
10 Recovery (ASTM F36) 15%
11 Creep Relaxation (ASTM F-38) Less than 5%
12 Sealability (ASTM F-37) 0.017 fluid ounce/hr (0.5ml/hr)