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Graphite Gasket

Graphite GasketGraphite gaskets are cut from pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet with metal reinforcement, features excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high intensity it can be used as sealing elements of pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessel, heat exchanger and condenser, etc. Other complex gaskets such as water gauge gasket and flange gasket with bolt holes are available. Wrapped with metallic stripe in the inner and outer circle borderline. Keep the former excellent performances. Can be installed and disassembled conveniently without damage.

Size and construction – custom made gaskets
Gaskets are available in EN 1514-1, ANSI B 16.21, other Standard Forms, or as custom made gaskets.

【Flexible Graphite Composite Gasket】

DATA SHEET OF Data Flexible Graphite Composite Gasket
Materials Pressure(N/MM2) Temperature Compressibility(%) Recovery(%)
Non-Oxidation Oxidation
Perforated Carbon Steel ≥4.8 -10-450 -10-550 30-35 15-20
Perforated SS304/SS316 ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-35 15-30
Flat SS304/SS316 ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-40 10-15
SS304 Wire Mesh ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 40-50 15-20
Materials Imporosity (cm3/min)(THK= 1.5mm) Leakage(THK= 1.5mm) Seal Constant
N2 m1/hr Bumming oil Am1/hr “M” “Y”
Perforated Carbon Steel <=0.8 30 <0.5 3.0 9000
Perforated SS304/SS316 <=0.8 60 <0.5 2.5 4000
Flat SS304/SS316 <=0.4 35 <0.5 2.0 900
SS304 Wire Mesh ≥1.0 70 <0.5 3.0 5000