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Graphite Packing Reinforced with Metal Wire

Graphite Packing Reinforced with Metal WireGraphite Braided packing2 Graphite packing reinforced with wire is braided from expanded graphite yarns, reinforced with metal wire, normally reinforced with inconel wire. It retains all the inherent benefits of flexible graphite packing. The wire reinforcement provides greater mechanical strength, used for high pressure and temperatures. It is an economic solution for applications above the temperature limit of PTFE and gPTFE packings. It fills the gap between the “medium temperature” packings for up to 280°C and the more expensive “high temperature” packings made from pure carbon or graphite. The Preox yarn has excellent heat transmitting properties.

Prime Feature: It can be reinforced with nickel, stainless steel, copper, etc. High pressure, high temperature Wide variety of uses throughout a plant Application media: suitable for use with most chemicals, diluted acids and lyes, water, steam, oil, solvents, brine, sewage, etc.

Typical Application: Flexible graphite packing is a multi-service packing capable of a wide variety of uses throughout a plant. It can be used in valves, pumps, expansion joints, mixers and agitators in high-pressure and temperature. Excellent for use in steam turbines, high temperature motor-actuated valves High temperature and high pressure valve applications in general.

Graphite Packing Reinforced with Metal Wire Technical Data
Pressure 9~45MPa
Rotary Pump 50bar
Reciprocating Pump 150bar
Valve 300bar
Temperature -200 up to +555 oC(at mosphere)
-200 up to +650oC(in Steam)
PH Range 0~14
Linear speed 23m/s
Density 1.5g/cm3
Section Size 3*3mm–100*100mm
Package 5kgs or 10kgs per reel in a box/or as the requirement of the client