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Graphite Sealing Products

An innovative and high technological breakthrough state-of-the art sealing within your reach today. A crystalline allotropic form of carbon found naturally in graphite mines. It is a mineral that is mined in a similar way to coal with major deposits being in China, Madagascar, India, Canada and South America.

The raw material has a graphite purity of 98% to 99.9% and is processed uniquely into Natural Expanded Mineral Graphite Flakes. These flakes are chemically treated and heated in electric resistance furnaces under an extreme high temperature process and compressed to form a soft flexible foil with special properties. No binder or respirable fibres are used in the manufacturing process and material has many of the properties of a solid graphite at a high purity of 98% and 2% corrosion inhibitors and other deposits used for protection against stainless steel.

The material can be used on many applications from cryogenics at -200°C to an elevated temperature of +3000°C. It has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for most organic and inorganic chemicals with the exception of strong oxidising compounds.

Pure expanded flexible mineral graphite has superior properties to asbestos fibres and many man-made fibres. It is a non-fibrous material and has none of the health or handling problems associated with asbestos. It has a low sulphur content with a carbon ash of less than 0.5% in the mineral. Excellent in thermal electrical conductivity and prevents build up of static with very good creep resistance providing no cold or hot flow. The low coefficient of friction provides excellent sealing properties at low loadings and does not harden or age with unlimited shelf life.

The graphite is processed in a number of ways to adapt the unique properties of the materials to a variety of sealing needs. Rolls are split and used :-
to produce tape of different widths for winding co-axially into dies to form moulded rings for pump and valve glands
to produce strip which may be passed through rollers to generate a surface pattern for corrugated sealing tapes.
to produce a narrow strip filler for spiral wound gaskets
to produce a twisted yarn for braiding into a gland packing, tubing, tapes and cloths

Graphite is suitable for :
Nuclear Power Stations & equipment
Entire industrial range of high & low temperatures and pressures
Most corrosive chemical fluids, steam or gas
Engine gaskets, Exhaust gaskets
Sensitive or difficult flanges e.g. enamel, glass, ceramics, graphite
Low or high flange loads
Protective linings against hot gases, Electrical contact or heat conductive material – heatshields