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Graphite Yarn

Graphite Yarn

Flexible Graphiye Yarn

In order to manufacture different kinds of reinforced flexible graphite yarns to be used for making different kinds flexible graphited packings, we use flexible graphited as basic material, mixing with natural fiber, metal alloy wire (respectively) and proper binding agent, then through specially designed technological process. The packing made of these flexible yarns reinforced by different media, circumstance, temperature and pressure. Furthermore, for using these products under severely corrosion can be added into the graphited yarns for making the properties of the graphite sealing parts more perfect.

Advantages of Flexible Graphiye Yarn
index_ic01 Excellent thermal stability: Maximum service temperature of 400 °C.
index_ic01 Chemically inert: Non-reactive to most chemicals from pH 0 to 14 with the exception of strong oxidizers such as nitric or sulphuric acid.
index_ic01 Lubrication: Graphite Yarn is self-lubricating and has a low coefficient of friction.
index_ic01 Excellent pump packing and sealing material for high temperature/high pressure and corrosive applications
index_ic01 Used for making Flexible Graphite Braided Packing and Graphite Cloth
index_ic01 Diameter: 1.5 mm; 2 mm and 3 mm
index_ic01 Yarn weight: 2 g/m; 3 g/m; 5 g/m and 10 g/m

NO Types of Reinforcing Fiber for Flexible Graphite Yarn
WGY101 Reinforced by cotton fiber
WGY102 Reinforced by cotton fiber + stainless steel wire
WGY103 Reinforced by cotton fiber + inconel wire
WGY104 Reinforced by glass fiber
WGY105 Reinforced by glass fiber + stainless steel wire
WGY106 Reinforced by glass fiber + inconel wire
WGY107 Reinforced by cotton ftber + 304wire
WGY108 Reinforced by carbon fiber
WGY109 Reinforced by cotton fiber + carbon fiber
WGY110 Reinforced by cotton fiber + kevlar fiber
WGY111 Reinforced by outside-braided inconel wire + cotton fiber
WGY112 Reinforced by outside-braiede inconel wire + glass fiber
Reinforcing fibers and their conbination can be supplied on demand of different customers.