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Graphited PTFE Packing With Aramid Corners

Graphited PTFE Packing With Aramid Corners

Wealson offers a wide range of compression packing materials to fit the needs of your unique application. Compression packing sealing is accomplished by tightening the gland, so that the packing is compressed onto the surface to be sealed. There is a broad category covering a wide array of shapes, sizes, and constructions, and materials.
Graphited PTFE Packing With Aramid Corners

Diagonally braided from gPTFE-yarn (PTFE with incorporated graphite), reinforced at the corners with continuous Aramid yarn, lubricated with silicone oil.
Please note: the colour of the actual product might vary from the above image on this data-sheet.

It can prevent gap from extrusions in the presence of high pressure and temperature. It has good sliding velocity and thermal conductivity. It enables sealing high-pressure piston pumps during extensive running periods. It can be used seal water, sewage water, hot water, oils, greases, weak acids and alkaline solutions, abrasive media.

This is a universal packing which can be used for pumps in all types of industry.
Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar industries, pulp and paper mills, etc.
Power stations
It is particularly well suited for difficult sealing applications, i.e. with high pressures or abrasive media, such ensuring longer service life. Combines exceptional extrusion resistance and high mechanical strength with good chemical and thermal stability, not suit for highly concentrated acids and lyes, alkali metals, fluorine and fluorine compounds at high temperatures.
Enhances the lubrication ability of aramid fiber and improves the strength of PTFE
The packing will no stain in pulp and paper mill, pharmaceutical, food and sugar industries.

Graphited PTFE Packing With Aramid Corners Technical Data
Pressure 20MPa
Rotary Pump 25bar
Reciprocating Pump 150bar
Valve 200bar
Temperature -100~280℃
PH Range 2~12
Linear speed 15m/s
Density 1.4g/cm3
Section Size 3*3mm–100*100mm
Package 5kgs or 10kgs per reel in a box/or as the requirement of the client