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How to select the right GASKET material?

Pipe gaskets can be manufactured from many different gasket materials. The right material to use depends upon the application, and environment in which the gasket will be used. The contents of the pipe, including the range of temperatures and pressures under which it is expected to operate will dictate material selection. Material specification should also take into account the flange being used. If you are in doubt about which material you need, then please contact us for technical support.


For example a non-asbestos fibre or graphite material can be specified for steam applications. For diesel or other fuels a non-asbestos fibre or quality nitrile rubber (BS 2751) should be used. Because of the extra additives in modern fuels, lower grade nitrile can be affected and break down. This is mistakenly blamed on the fuel itself when in reality it is caused by the corrosive nature of the additive.