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Metal Eyelet Flat Gaskets

Metal Eyeleted Flat Gasketsgraphite gasket
The metal eyeleted flat gaskets offer special protection against blowout for the sealing of critical or dangerous media. The sealing insert is usually made from Flexible Graphite material.
Cut gasket with and without metal eyelet

The simple flat gasket cut from sheet material remains the most widely used method of flange sealing. However, in today ‘s world of environmental awareness and the need for ever tighter control of emissions, those gaskets may not meet all the latest mandatory regulations. Wealson has met these ever increasing demands and laws regarding environmental and safety issues by developing a full range of gaskets reinforced with metal eyelets.

The standard metal jacket is formed with an austenitic stainless steel leaf with a thickness of 0.15 – 0.2 mm U-shaped and pressed in such a way that it becomes a single body with a base seal. The good malleability grade of the austenitic stainless steel gives to the covering excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to erosion, while the well know resistance to heat and to corrosion ensures the long working life of the seal.

Advantages of Metal Eyelet Flat Gaskets
index_ic01 Blow out protection
index_ic01 Protection against chemical attack
index_ic01 Improved sealability due to the local higher stress under eyelet.
Prime features of eyelets
index_ic01 Reinforce the gasket surfaces.
index_ic01 Erosion of expanded graphite material is prevented at high fluid velocities – which also eliminates possible graphite contamination of the fluid media – when eyelet is fitted to inside diameter.
index_ic01 Blow-out potential is greatly reduced when eyelet is fitted to outside diameter.
index_ic01 Reduced danger of overcompression at high seating stresses.
index_ic01 Gasket is easier to handle.

Size and construction – custom made gaskets
Gaskets are available in EN 1514-1, ANSI B 16.21, other Standard Forms, or as custom made gaskets.

【Flexible Graphite Composite Gasket】

DATA SHEET OF Data Flexible Graphite Composite Gasket
Materials Pressure(N/MM2) Temperature Compressibility(%) Recovery(%)
Non-Oxidation Oxidation
Perforated Carbon Steel ≥4.8 -10-450 -10-550 30-35 15-20
Perforated SS304/SS316 ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-35 15-30
Flat SS304/SS316 ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-40 10-15
SS304 Wire Mesh ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 40-50 15-20
Materials Imporosity (cm3/min)(THK= 1.5mm) Leakage(THK= 1.5mm) Seal Constant
N2 m1/hr Bumming oil Am1/hr “M” “Y”
Perforated Carbon Steel <=0.8 30 <0.5 3.0 9000
Perforated SS304/SS316 <=0.8 60 <0.5 2.5 4000
Flat SS304/SS316 <=0.4 35 <0.5 2.0 900
SS304 Wire Mesh ≥1.0 70 <0.5 3.0 5000