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Metal Jacketed Gasket

Metal Jacketed Gasket

Metal Jacketed Gasket/ Metal Clad Gasket is made from graphite, ceramic, asbestos or non-asbestos etc. filler covered with thin metal jacket, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper etc. By their sealing efficiently, provide outstanding resilience, while the metal jacket guarantees excellent sealing and protects the filler against pressure conditions, fluctuating temperatures and corrosion.

Metal Jacketed Gasket is particularly suitable for sealing flat surfaces of heat exchangers, gas pipes, cast iron flanges, autoclaves and similar. By their sealing effciency, provided by exerting strong pressure on circular rims of the flanges, metal jacketed gasket can stand up to 30% deviation from the initial thickness, which is very useful in case of irregular or faulty flange rims. The chemical compatibility of the metal and the medium being sealed should be considered.


Double-jacketed gaskets are probably the most commonly used style of gaskets in heat exchanger applications. They are available in virtually any material that is commercially available in 26-gauge sheet. They are also extensively used in standard flanges where the service is not critical. Since most double-jacketed gaskets are custom made, there is virtually no limit to size, shape or configuration in which these gaskets can be made.


The double-jacketed corrugated gasket is an improvement on a plain jacketed gasket in that the corrugations on the gasket will provide an additional labyrinth seal. It also provides the advantage of reducing the contact area of the gasket, enhancing its compressive characteristics. A double-jacketed corrugated gasket still relies on the primary seal on the inner lap.


In the single-jacketed overlap construction the maximum flange width is approximately 1/4″. this type of gasket is used when total enclosure of the soft filler material is required and when the flange width makes it impractical to use a double-jacketed gasket.

Metal Jacketed Gasket Application
index_ic01 1、Temperature:~450℃
index_ic01 2、Pressure:≤6.4MPa
index_ic01 3、Gasket Factor:m-3.75
index_ic01 4、Gasket Seating:y=60MPa
index_ic01 Maxmum Size:~5000mm

Metal Materials of Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Metal Materials Germany Standard HB Temperature (℃) Density g/cm3
Carbon Steel 1.1003/1.0038 90~120 -60~500 7.85
SS304/SS304L 1.4301/1.4306 130~180 -250~550 7.9
SS316/SS316L 1.4401/1.4404 130~180 -250~550 7.9
Copper 2.0090 50~80 -250~400 8.9
Aluminum 3.0255 20~30 -250~300 2.73

Nonmetal Materials of Metal Jacketed Gaskets
index_ic01 Flexible Graphite
index_ic01 Compressed Asbestos Fiber
index_ic01 Non-Asbestos
index_ic01 Ceramic fibre
index_ic01 Micarex and etc.

The other materials can be available as the requirement of the buyer.

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