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Non-Asbestos Aramid Rubber gasket

No asbestos aramid rubber gasketCompressed Non Asbestos Sheets are made from synthetic fiber, natural rubber,filler material and dye . They are compressed and calendered under high temperature and pressure into sheets.


Bluegard 3000 (Blue): A unique blend of aramid fibres with a nitrile binder. Has excellent sealability.

Bluegard 3200/3400 (Off White/Black): with an SBR binder is good for water, saturated steam, mild acids and alkalies.

Bluegard 3300 (Black): a blend with Neoprene and is good against oils, fuels and refrigerants

Bluegard 3700 (Light Grey): bonded with EPDM and is used for acids and caustics of moderate concentrations. It adds exceptional resistance to both weather aging and ozone

Temperatures for the above range from -40ºF – 700ºF intermittent)
Thickness : 1/64″th to ¼”th


NA 1001(green): bonded with a nitrile binder. General service material used in the water & waste-water industry. Also used in valves and pumps

NA 1076 (black): bonded with neoprene (CR) suitable to handle a broad range of refrigerants, saturated steam, oils, fluids, mild acids and alkalis

NA 1080 (off-white): produced with styrene butadiene Rubber (SBR) is excellent for mild acids, alkalis, brine, air, industrial gases and general chemicals

Temperature : 100ºC to 700ºF ( intermittent)
Thickness: 1/64″th to 1/4”th


C4401 (green): High quality non asbestos fibre , bonded to nitrile rubber. Has high torque retention, and anti-stick properties

C 4430 (white/green): Non asbestos material composed of fiberglass, aramid and inorganic fibers
bonded with nitrile rubber. A general purpose sheet with excellent chemical resistance and steam applications

C 4439 (red): expanded metal re-inforced non asbestos material with a nitrile binder and galvanized low carbon steel insert. Has high temperature capabilities. Up to 900F

Temperature: 100ºF to 700ºF (intermittent)
Thickness: 1/64″th – 1/4”th


8400(gold): a Phenolic /NBR sheeting exhibits high-temperature. Used in chemical applications and pulp & paper industries

8500(green): bonded with nitrile is excellent for steam and natural gas. Used in the general industry including chemical, refinery, pharma, food and Beverage industries. Up to 800 F

8600(White): bonded with SBR rubber and is highly used in power, petro-chemical as well as the good and beverage industries. It has good compressibility , recovery, sealability and flexibility

8700(blue): has a neoprene blend and has excellent resistance to ozone, many refrigerants & oils . It is great for refrigeration services

Temperature: 100ºF to 700ºF (intermittent)
Thickness: 1/64″th to 1/4”th



Novatec 825 (cranberry) : A very soft non asbestos fibre engineered with Kevlar. It has high stress relaxation properties and high temperature upto 850 F

Novatec 925 (grape) contains 75% pure graphite . It is an excellent chemical sheet that works best in heat exchangers, vessels, valves and pumps. Temp to 925F

Novatec Premium II (blue) is engineered graphite and bonded with Kevlar. Offers high resistance to the chemical industries, long stability and its resistance to stress relaxation. Its high density and high tensile strength enhances excellent torque retention and superior sealability.
Temp. to 1000ºF

Novaform 210: is a soft material with organic fibers bound with a vulcanized nitrile .It is used in standard applications in all types of media

Temp. up to 500ºF (40” wide)
Thickness: 1/16”th to 1/8”th