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Reinforced Graphite Sheet

composite graphite sheet

Our graphite sheets are available in all grades and tailored to meet the exacting purity specifications of the chemical, petrochemical, refining, nuclear and aerospace industries.

Reinforced Graphite Sheet is formed by mechanically or sticking flexible graphite sheets together with metal plate(flat metal foil, or perforated stainelss steel sheet). It has good compressibility and resilience, excellent sealing property for microscopic surface irrgeularities and long working life. It is mainly used for making cylinder gaskets of engines and punching into all kinds of sealing gaskets.

Reinforced Graphite Sheet, is also called Composite Graphite Sheet. Wealson provide four style Reinforced Graphite Sheet with different reinforcement materials as follows,
1. Reinforced Graphite Sheet with Tanged Carbon Steel (0.20~0.25mm)
2. Reinforced Graphite Sheet with Tanged SS304/SS316 (0.1mm)
3. Reinforced Graphite Sheet with Flat SS304/SS316(0.05mm/0.1mm)
4. Reinforced Graphite Sheet with SS304/SS316 wire mesh

Reinforced Graphite Sheet
A unique service for promoting your brand:
Wealson offers its customers, specialists in the seal industry, the possibility to promote their brand through our screen printing department. We can print sheets based on your model and in the colour of your choice.