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Spiral Wound Gasket for Heat Exchanger

Spiral Wound Gasket for Heat ExchangerSpiral Wound Gasket for Heat Exchanger

Spiral Wound Gasket For Heat Exchangers are designed for heat exchangers, it can be with or without inner and outer rings.This style spiral wound gasket is for heat exchangers where pass bars are required. The outer portion is of standard spiral wound construction. The rib portion is normally of single or double jacketed style.

These gaskets are used in shell and tube type heat exchangers. They can be manufactured in very different sizes, shapes, with or without bars. The primary seal is at the inner diameter of the gasket, the external gasket diameter acts as a secondary seal. The bars seal between the heat exchangers passages.

The Heat exchanger gaskets are produced in several types to meet the most demanding applications.

index_ic01 The gaskets which with outer rings are primarily designed for TEMA male and female flanges.
index_ic01 Gaskets are custom built to suit the design conditions of individual heat exchanger vessels.
index_ic01 The outer wound nose to ensure correct sealing element location in the flange recess.
index_ic01 A spiral wound sealing element to ensure a positive seal under fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions.
index_ic01 A solid metal inner ring to protect the sealing element and act as a compression stop.
index_ic01 Can be supplied with pass partition bars in any configuration. Pass bars are secured to the inner ring can be supplied in either solid metal or double jacketed construction.