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TEADIT 2024 is an extruded packing made from pure PTFE-finepowder and a food approved lubricant.

Available in round and square cross sections.

Please note: the colour of the actual product might vary from the above image on this data-sheet.


Style 2024 is a soft and dense packing. It has a very low coefficient of friction, excellent resistance to gas permeation and is selflubricating. Style 2024 remains soft and pliable even after long service, which reduces friction on shafts and spindles. Can be used in areas where the naturally dark colour of TEADIT style 2022 is unsuitable, i.e. in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Application areas Suitable for use in pumps, mixers, sliders, valves, but also many static applications. Because of the softness of the packing, it is normally installed with a braided top and bottom ring. Depending on the prevailing pressure and medium, TEADIT styles 2422, 2044, 2005 or 2006 can be recommended for this purpose.

Application media

Because of the exceptional chemical resistance of pure PTFE, style 2024 can be used with most substances, both liquid and gaseous. Also suitable for use with abrasive and crystallizing media. Not suitable for Alkali metals, fluorine and fluorine compounds at high temperature and pressure, oxygen.


Style 2024 has a very low coefficient of friction and does therefore not damage shafts or spindles. Abrasive or crystallizing particles get embedded in the body of this packing. Can be used with a wide variety of different media, also for static applications.
Stuffing-Box-Packing Type