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Why using graphite as gasket material?

Following the substitution of asbestos, no technically reliable
solutions were available initially for gasket applications
in higher temperature ranges. Rubber-bonded gasket materials
have a natural maximum temperature limit. There was
a particular need for better solutions for media that are hot,
dangerous and have creep properties, such as steam or heat
transfer oils. This was the reason for the tremendous success
of gaskets made from expanded graphite.
Properties of flexible graphite gaskets made
from expanded graphite
• Suitable for temperatures between -200 °C and 550 °C
• Insensitive to changing loads
• Maximum adaptability to flange unevenness
• High flexibility
when sealing surfaces are unfavourable/faulty
• Practically no hot creep
• Universal chemical resistance
• Maximum sealing performance in the flange
• Use possible at internal pressure levels of up to 250 bar