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Why buy graphite foil from us?

(1) Excellent Quality: Quality control starts with strict standards for the selection of the flake graphite, which is a critical element for the quality of the final product, and continues through the acid and the thermal treatment, to testing the final product. The extensive testing throughout the process ensures all key stages of the production are kept within specific tolerance limits. The result is high quality graphite foil with high tensile strength, high purity and excellent compressibility. The whole manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified.

(2) Wide Selection Ranges: We offer a full line of graphite foil: homogeneous rolls and sheets (width from 2″ to 60″), as well as reinforced sheets with stainless steel or perforated stainless steel sheet inserted. Non standard sizes and grades are also available on request.

(3) Competitive Prices: Do you have the required competitive edge? Please Contact Us and request a quote for your product needs so we can demonstrate that the savings Wealson offers make a significant difference on your bottom-line.

(4) Superior Customer Service: We are committed to your complete satisfaction and we strive to provide you with the best service in the industry. With Wealson, you can expect prompt responses, personal attention and on time delivery.