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WMQ Gasket

WMQ Gasket

Rubber gasket possesses anti oil, acidproof alkali, cold and heat resistance and anti aging properties, which can be cut directly into all shapes seal gasket. The product is widely used in medicine, electron, chemical, antistatic, inflaming retarding and foodstuff industries.
WMQ Gasket
Silicon Rubber Gasket (WMQ): Silicon rubber possesses protruding high and low temperature resistance property, Which can keep good application Resilient Rate in -70℃—+260℃, and be ozone proof and anti aging and be as sealing gasket of heat machine. Because it is nontoxic, it can be marked insulation product and druggist rubber sundries.The product possesses waterproof, inflaming retarding, high temperature resistance, electric conduction, hard wearing and oil resistance properties, which is widely used for machinery, electron and water heating etc.

Nitrile Rubber Gasket (NBR): It is polymer which is made of diene and acrylonitrile by emulsion copolymerization. Nitrile rubber gasket is famous for the excellent anti oil property (but it is ketone, ester and hydrochloric ether nonresistant)., In the while, it also has good hard wearing, anti aging and air tightness, so it is widely used for rubber industry.

Fluorubber Gasket (FPM): It is high temperature resistant and can be used in -30℃-+250℃ environment, Which is also strong oxidizer resistant, anti oil and acidproof alkali. Usually it is used in high , microvacuum and high temperature environment, it is also suitable for oil environment. Because of various kinds of excellent properties, fluorubber is widely used for petroleum, chemical, aviation and space flight.

Other Rubber Gasket: Neoprene gasket (CR), natural rubber gasket(NR), Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer(EPDM), ACM and other special rubber, Which are anti oil, anti acid, anti alkali, hard wearing, high and low temperature resistant.
Application Scope: Machinery, electrical appliance, instrument, hydraulic system and pipeline system.
We can design and produce abnormity seal gasket according to customers’ requirements.

Product Name Application Temperature Application Pressure Specification
Nitrile Rubber Gasket 1℃~121℃ Pressure<2.5MPa DN15~DN400
Fluorubber Gasket -30℃~200℃ Pressure<3.0MPa DN15~DN400
Natural Rubber Gasket -57℃~93℃ Pressure<2.5MPa DN15~DN400
Neoprene Rubber Gasket -51℃~121℃ Pressure<2.5MPa DN15~DN400
EPDM Gasket -57℃~176 Pressure<2.5MPa DN15~DN400
Silicon Rubber Gaket -100℃~300℃ Pressure<3.0MPa DN15~DN400

※ Parameters above can be changed with different working conditions.